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LEYOU TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD become the destination of choice of thousands of customers. Great customer service during and after the sale. You get a full 30 days satisfaction guarantee. We have a group of experienced technical experts who can provide free assist to your question or problem about our products. For any enquiry about products and services, please contact us, we will glad to recieve your letter and reply to you with the shortest time.

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Once you have tried to email us in the past but you are not receiving a response from us, it's possible our email replies are being blocked by your browser settings or by your internet service provider. This sometimes happens to commercial email even when it's legitimate, like email from our customer support department or automatic order status notification emails. Relax or open up the settings that filter or block email that you receive. Then mail us again and we'll gladly answer your question again.

Business hours:
Our office hours are from 8:30am to 6:00pm Mondays-Saturdays excluding public holidays.

Process time:
We will process your orders within 12 hours. It may take longer time during weekends and holidays.

We specializes in sourcing, stocking, and delivering a wide range of batteries and their accessories in a variety of chemistries from several manufactures. Whether you are looking to power your laptops, you will certainly find something to satisfy your laptop battery power needs. Laptop batteries sold for export are shipped and/or delivered timely allowing customers to receive orders as soon as possible. Larger discounts are available when you select a quantity higher than 20, please feel free to Contact Us for more information of the price or the size you want isn't listed.